• ” Adventures of Kavakvay “

    Author                                  –  Pulat Mumin

    Author of the dramatization        –   Maftuna Muhammadaminova

    Production Director                                –  Shuhrat Ibragimov      

    Production Designer                                  – Jamshid Valiev

    Costume designer – Yevgeniya Biserova

    Composer                             – Bakhodir Zokirov

    Choreographer                    – Malika Iskandarova

    The favorite fairy tale of the popular children’s poet Pulat Mumin “Kavakvay and Chanakvay” in the interpretation of the director Sh. Ibrahimov looks in a new way, because the play touches upon children’s problems. In particular, the play says that, from childhood, it is necessary to teach to work, to respect the elders, to be honest and friendly.

           Kavakvay is trying to get his desires easily by deception and cunning. But after passing the test, he realizes that only honesty, kindness and hard work can achieve everything ..

              Duration 65 minutes.

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