• Shamsikamar Mansurova

    Sh. Mansurova was born in 1949 in the city of Gulzha of the People’s Republic of China. In 1974 she graduated from the Tashkent Theater and Art Institute. In 1974 she began her creative activity at the Theater for young spectators’. During her time at the theater, the actress has created more than 200 stage images.

     Including, the actress created the following images: “Three Musketeers” – Milady, “Alpomish” – Mother of Alpomish, “Korakum tragedy” – Wind, “Little Red Riding Hood” – Fox, “One Thousand One Night” – Mother and Shakherizada, “Poisonous Drops ”- Teacher, “ Disco ”- Dilbar,“ Khalfana ”- Maskharaboz,“ The Snow Queen ”- the Queen,“Aladdin’s Magic Lamp” Mother, “Zumrad and Kimmat ”- Stepmother, “Qovoqvoy and Chanoqvoy”- Qovoqvoy’s Aunt,“ Alpomish ”- Bodombekach, “Kapkan” – Oyshabibi and others.

    And it is also necessary to note the roles in film and television. From the cycle of television programs – “Father’s Words – Words of Wisdom” and “Television Theater of Miniatures”, in the teleplay – “Irrevocable Spring” – Klara and others.

    In 2004 she was awarded the honorary title – “Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.