• ” Aladdin and the magic lamp “

    Author        – Arabic folk tale motifs

    Production Director      – Sherzod Ahmedov

    Production Designer         – Yevgeniya Biserova

    Composer     –  Baxodir Zokirov


    In Baghdad, an evil Maghreb sorcerer appears. With the help of magic, he learns the name of the person who is able to find the magic lamp with the Genie in it, who will fulfill all the desires of the lamp owner. This man is poor Aladdin, son of Ali al-Marouf.

    The sorcerer wants to seize the magic lamp, but it falls into the hands of Aladdin. Genie fulfills Aladdin’s desire to meet with Princess Budur. Magic helps to overcome obstacles in the way of lovers.

    The tale teaches us to kindness, loyalty, wit and also not to give up in difficult circumstances, to show courage, purposefulness, resourcefulness and determination.

           Duration 80 minutes.